Using Apigee Edge for REST API Management

Benefits of Using Apigee Edge

  • Effectively eliminate unnecessary traffic to your Web Services
  • All OAuth2 support will be handled through apigee, that includes token validation.   All requests that pass to your Services are guaranteed cleansed and legit.
  • Subscription control and enforcement.  Only legitimate clients that have subscribed (and approved) can call your Services.
  • Quota management
  • caching and edge computing.   You can also incorporate a apigee cache (Redis) and key value store (cassandra) to enrich the programmable api proxies by offloading all cross cutting concerns from backend Services.  As a result, the Services remains pure and concentrate on optimizing business semantics.
  • If you have your own Identity Provider, the required data can be injected as header.   Your service will get all essential authorization information right away.  No additional calls to the Identity Provider are needed.
  • Rich analytics.  Available in the form of api and web console custom reports
  • Throttling protection against DDoS attack
  • Customizable behavior : request routing logic, header manipulation/instrumentation, additional validation logic, circuit breaking, ……, etc
  • control over misbehaving clients.  Can stop/terminate a rogue apikey any time.
  • streaming support for large payload handling.   No intermediate buffering incurred.
  • Dynamic deployment, revision control.   Zero downtime incur to deploy new api versions/revisions.
  • IO intensive thread handling.   Separate thread pools to deal with network IO heavy calls to backend services.
  • Autoscaling.  managed by apigee OPS.
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