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Comparison between different NoSQL technologies

Relational databases were not designed to cope with the scale and agility challenges that face modern applications, nor were they built to take advantage of the commodity storage and processing power available today. NoSQL encompasses a wide variety of different … Continue reading

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CAP theorem for distributed systems explained

Horizontal scaling of software systems has become necessary in recent years, due to the global nature of computing and the ever-increasing performance demands on applications. It is no longer sufficient to run a single server with a single database in a … Continue reading

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Understanding OAuth

What is OAuth? OAuth is an open standard for authorization which is an alternative to the password anti-pattern. OAuth provides client applications a ‘secure delegated access’ to server resources on behalf of a resource owner. It specifies a process for … Continue reading

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Using Apigee Edge for REST API Management

Benefits of Using Apigee Edge Effectively eliminate unnecessary traffic to your Web Services All OAuth2 support will be handled through apigee, that includes token validation.   All requests that pass to your Services are guaranteed cleansed and legit. Subscription control and enforcement. … Continue reading

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Asynchronous Communication in SOA

In this article, we will look at asynchronous communication across services in a Service Oriented Architecture through Message Oriented Middleware (brokered and brokerless) using the Producer-Consumer pattern. Advantages of Message Oriented Middleware Asynchronicity/Loose coupling between components: MOM technologies use asynchronous … Continue reading

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Service Discovery in Service Oriented Architectures

In Service Oriented Architectures/Micro Service Architectures, we are seeing an application built as a number of restful services which do one thing great. Since that one thing could be compute /any other resource intense, it makes sense to scale each service … Continue reading

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Common HTTP Status Codes

HTTP Status Codes The HTTP status codes can be used to indicate a successful or an error response for API’s 2xx class (Success) This class of status codes indicates the action requested by the client was received, understood, accepted and … Continue reading

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REST API Best practices

Understanding best practices for designing RESTful API’s The concept of REST is to separate the API structure into logical resources. These resources are manipulated using HTTP requests where the method (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) has specific meaning. Why should … Continue reading

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